Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pre-Wedding Blues

It's funny how we have planned to do our reaffirmation of vows twice now and we didn't follow through. I am deeply asking for understanding from my family and friends who were hoping to be a part of it. I sincerely thank you all for wanting to be with us on that big event and I promise not to forget ya'll when that time comes(this time it's for real but will be a surprise WHEN)definitely not this year though. I don't want to make excuses I know I screwed it up just like how the rain is trying to (ooppss wait a minute it's a slushy snow right now at this very moment while I'm typing this) ruin our road but thankfully we are moving to a new place so that should be out of the picture beginning tomorrow. Anyhow, the only consoling thing that happened was seeing my kids again(way back in May 2015) and because i got sick i had to cut my visit short ending up not seeing some old friends back in high school(I'm sorry about the pasalubong maybe next time). I did get to see Dubai and stayed for the night on my way to Manila it was kinda short but was glad to see my cousins and treated me out for dinner in Dubai Mall so that was neat. Thanks Again mga Ate: Myrna Navato and Rowena Navato(may you have a safe delivery soon!) Husband and I have been brainstorming on WHERE to have the event and there are pros and cons whether it'd be Manila or Borongan. It's mainly because I have my family and friends in Samar yet my college friends are mostly from Manila and most of my relatives are based in Manila as well. Not to mention that it's easier to plan an event when suppliers are just around the corner. But nothing beats the romantic feel a countryside wedding can offer. I love the idea of having a beach wedding ceremony and a reception full of people that I know of growing up but I want my closest friends from college and high school to be there so it's kinda hard to have everything I want when I perfectly know that they also have their own lives to tend to and a destination wedding won't do to either both parties. I am happy that some, only some of my friends in Manila will definitely do the honor to be there with me only because i have chosen them to be in the entourage( yes we are gonna have an entourage even though this is our second wedding). I'm hoping to have our American side of the family to be present as well but I understand that it's hard to take a vacation when everyone is committed to their work and I am just happy they were there for me when Trav and I did our chapel wedding in 2011. My point is, deciding WHERE to have our vow renewal is a very daunting task. I have to compromise some attendees to reach a definite decision that will make me happy and satisfied as well as my guests.

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