Friday, February 10, 2017

how to be happier...

I forgot how I love writing until this afternoon..I don't really have any specific topic I wanna cover but I can't brush off the idea about my daily routine that makes us who we are and joyful. In the Olson's household, the head of the family wakes up at sharp 07:00 or whenever his body clock chimes in to bother his sound asleep soul..On the other hand, I, as a part-timer don't have the need to be awaken on such an early schedule. I love being in bed until 10:00. I barely open my eyes just to kiss him goodbye every single morning. I wanna change this. Instead of going to bed too late at night, I'd like to retire earlier than usual so my body could get in the rhythm of waking up sooner than what it's used to. I wanna do more things..I wanna get my cross-stitch a lot of readings..get more exercises..produce a lot of endorphin...When I say endorphin, Almost everything associated with it to be savored, I'd like to do it..Baking cake and sniffing vanilla while you're at it...Listening to Ed Sheeran preaching about Durin's sons..Music is a big part of me, I might not be a genius with all these instruments but i love exercising my lungs most especially when no one is around...and then turn around and upload it on social media..Isn't that hilarious? Now, I didn't know you'll be happy taking ginseng..but my hubby sure does enjoy the shooters..I tried it once, and I cannot vouch if It made any difference..but you gotta just trust the Korean dramas you watch..specifically period dramas...lots of ginseng..lots of happiness and endurance..Now, here's the matter what happen I will always love chocolate! If I have to choose and have a twin, I'd tell God please give me a chocolate! Kidding aside, No matter how organic, how non-GMO our food in the table gets, I'll always fall for the regular milk-chocolate with toffees in it..Don't you feel so great and hyped up after a bar or two? They say that Coke is Happiness...I say Hot-Coco is..Speaking of food, go a head and eat something spicy. Sprinkle that cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes with all your meat cooking sessions..I am a soup girl...And when I make one, I don't even have to make rice sometimes..My soup almost have it all...appetizer, main course, side's just missing the dessert! Most of the time I make my soup with ginger roots to get rid of any gamy or fishy taste on it..and not to mention the benefits you can get out of it..This kind of soup is not complete without my serrano or jalapeƱo peppers to spice it up...And when the evening approaches in our house, laughter indeed, is the best medicine..An hour won't go by without any one of us laughing about silly stuff..My hubby enjoys the vines and memes...I dig on comedy shows and dramas online..To live in this arctic condition without going nuts, you gotta have to take life lightly..It's true what they say, you're not gonna be escaping this world alive anyway so enjoy life while it lasts!

P.S. If you're married, it's not a sin to cater to each other's needs ;-) it brings harmony and at the end of it all...everybody is happy...And that picture above is no doubt my happiness...


  1. Well written!I enjoyed reading your blog! Awesome!

    1. Thanks Mitchiey! Still a novice but getting the hang of it now...��