Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moose Hunting: A sport for some, Food on the table for many

It's been 2 days now since my husband left for moose hunting. I am hoping he would would come back sooner than planned. I really would love to see him outside my workplace once i get done because it's been pouring rain for the past 3 days now and it's almost non-stop every day. We talked to a friend of ours to pick me up in the mornings and I'll ride my bike to her job then we commute together and she'll drop me off at my house. I don't mind riding my bicycle for 6.5 miles if it's not raining and chilly at the same time. In times like this all I have to do is tough it out. Let's go back to moose hunting which is the main topic of my post. The past 2 consecutive years, we've been dining with a lot of moose dishes and that's how we get to save money on groceries. You know, a steak of beef or pork is much tastier than the gamy flavor of moose but wild animals has their advantages when it comes to health and nutrition benefits. I started writing this post and left it as a draft yesterday (9/14/2015) because i wasn't in the mood to finish it up. Anyway, I know the title says about moose hunting but i'd probably update you guys on what happened today. So i was supposed to work part-time in this local roadhouse/restaurant (20 hours a week) I started a week a go but then the owner went to Germany for a fall vacation to see her family. I was warned that I may never get enough hours so I wasn't really that surprised that today will be my last day (LOL). Apparently they don't have much goin' on this week so they asked me to probably come back next month but I will have to see if I'm available when that time comes. So to make the long story short, I'm a homemaker again (without the kids around)a bit sad but at least no more waking up too early in the morning so that's the bright side of it. I don't know I get bored so easily even with the internet on so I tend to start a drama between me and hubby about wanting to go and earn a living. What I really would love to do though is to have my own tiny little business so I am my own boss and I don't have to worry about getting late for 5 minutes everyday. Back to moose hunting, last fall same month of the year when bunny got a moose a hundred yards from where we lived in June Creek. How awesome is that? At that time I was still working with him for the Denali Borough but we had to come to work an hour or two late because we had to tend to the moose to keep it from spoiling. My husband is an expert when it comes to skinning big game animals. He grew up in South Dakota with hunting white-tailed deer for food and his parents raised elks as a business so he kinda had the training on how to do those kind of stuff. My husband is the sweetest guy I know (when he wants to be ;-)) but also the toughest. For example right now, he's out there braving the chilly weather we have during autumn just to put food on the table. I mean, I'm not saying we're gonna starve if he doesn't get any but it helps to lower our grocery bills and also keeps us from consuming a lot of the GMO and hormone-fed animals.I won't deny it, game animals aren't the best tasting meat in the world but it's good for you. This year we are planning to make sausages out of them and will probably add a little bit of pork meat in it for fat. Moose meat are so lean that's why they're really good for everyone wanting to have a great diet. I've been researching how to tan the hide so we can have a buckskin for some home-made leather goods. It's not easy that's probably why genuine leather products have their prices rocketing. There's less and less people that does the traditional tanning (i.e. brain-tanning) due to the laborious nature of the job. I have taken the class to get a hunting license and it was cool to learn the right way of hunting and harvesting the meat so there are none wasted. Had I known I won't be working anymore, I would have gone hunting with bunny for two weeks. He is adamant to get a moose no matter what but he needs to come back to work on Saturday since one of his co-worker is getting the day-off for an emergency in their family. I have not concluded what to do yet whether it is to stay at home the next week or hunt with him, we'll see what happens on Friday night. As much as I want to shoot my own bull, I hate the coldness of the weather right now and it doesn't help when it pours most of the time nowadays. It probably has something to do with the typhoon in Japan that's affecting our current weather up here in the North. Ciao!

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