Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alaska/Philippine Time

Well, Every time I send money to my kids I have to time it when to call them to give them the details  of my WU transaction. Philippines is 16 hours ahead of AK time and while my kids are getting up in the morning of the following day my night is still young of their yesterday. So it's kinda crazy if I don't keep it in mind I'll end up calling them too early or them messaging me on Facebook too late! But it's not that complicated, really, All I do is call them in the late afternoon and that's early morning there when during weekdays they get ready for school anyway so I don't necessarily wake them up, They're already are! I use Western Union all the time when it comes to sending money to the Philippines they get it in minutes( well that's the only option they give you when you send it here in the US) unlike when you send money domestically they have what you call: to be picked up the next day with a minimal amount of fee. There are other options as well if you wanna send money online there are a few to chose from so keep that in mind.

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